the seafood sisters

Singaporean-born, Hong Kong-raised, and New York-educated, Wenyi and Jiayi founded Little Catch as a place for Shanghai consumers to buy restaurant quality seafood at affordable prices.

Wen and Jia’s love for seafood goes back to childhood. Coming from a multi-generational seafood family business, the sisters have been immersed in the industry for as long as they can remember. 

Inspired by family holidays in Hawaii, the sisters introduced poke bowls to Shanghai in 2015, and later on, bagels, soups and coffee. Little Catch has since evolved into a gourmet fast casual seafood concept, welcoming customers with affordable and delicious seafood meals. 

LittleCatch是2015年创立并开始营业的。创始人是一对新加坡姐妹。她们在一个海鲜家族企业长大、从小接触了国际加工厂的标准、超市里的冰鲜台的流程、和其他关于海鲜的渠道。在Little Catch,原材料的来源、处理方式、和质量控制是非常重视的。 


请光临Little Catch ,我们希望可以一直提供美味和具有创意的海鲜餐给大家!


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We try six seafood bowls and loved them all
— CityWeekend Shanghai
a veritable bargain given the quality and freshness of the fish, and the taste explosion of the combinations.”
— Time Out Shanghai
“...Sambal Salmon... is BOMB”
— Shanghai Girl Eats