Hi! We’re Wen & Jia, two Singaporean-born, Hong Kong-raised sisters based in Shanghai.

In 2014, we founded Little Catch as a place for Shanghai consumers to buy restaurant quality seafood at affordable prices.

Little Catch has since evolved into a gourmet fast casual seafood concept, welcoming customers with affordable and delicious seafood meals.

Our love for seafood goes back to childhood. We come from a multi-generational seafood family business, so some of our earliest memories take place on docks and boats, visiting workshops, and family discussions on the industry.

We are strongly inspired by our cultural heritage, as well as family holidays in Hawaii, and our university educations in New York (bagels!).

Little Catch is a distillation of all that together with our love of Seafood. We hope you like it!  

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Inspired by the neighbourhood fishmongers of Europe, we opened up a little fishmonger selling our favourite seafoods, like oysters, shrimps, cod, scallops and more. We even started making spreads, bagels and poke to keep things fun and different.

To our surprise, our experiments in the kitchen became more popular than the fish we were selling! And so came Little Catch Taixing, Xintiandi, Yanping and the expansion of our original little shop. But as you guys know, things can be pretty unpredictable. And so we ended up having to close a couple of our places due to reclamation and other factors out of our control. Unfortunate!

But we look forward to joining new neighbourhoods and continuing to share our passion for seafood with you all.

Hope you enjoy a little blast from the past with these photos!