While living and working in Shanghai, we have had the privilege of meeting some amazing people from all around the world. Some of them have become our customers or partners, still others have become our friends. Please learn more about those especially dear to us.



Ton Mak and her cute doodles. Visit her site here: www.flabjacks.com Visit our shops for selection of items designed specially for Little Catch.


Spread the Bagel

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Spread the Bagel was born from the simple hunger pains faced by Christine Asuncion, a young American who studied Mandarin and Economics and worked as a teacher in Shanghai.

Since 2010, Spread the Bagel has established itself as the premier artisanal bagel name in Shanghai. To this day Spread the Bagel is committed to serving only the best bagels, salmon, deli meats, coffee, and desserts whether they are made in-house or provided by the city’s best chefs and food operators. Over five years later, she’s proud to offer Shanghai a delicious piece of New York.



Peddler’s Gin


Peddlers is a rare Eastern gin inspired by the Shanghai underground. A diverse community of creators and artists, merchants and musicians, who push the boundaries of their craft. www.peddlersgin.com
Three friends spent three years with a master distiller, testing, perfecting and drinking. We set ourselves the task of making a gin as exotic as Shanghai itself. The result is combination of traditional and contemporary influences. A carefully curated fusion of botanicals and ideas from the West and the Far East. 

Balanced notes of Buddha’s hand citrus, lotus flower and Sichuan pepper complement traditional botanicals for a unique yet perfectly blended gin.


Strictly Cookies


Strictly Cookies is a Shanghai based, American-style cookie company shipping soft and chewy cookies all over China~ With a mix of classic and creative flavors, we (endlessly attempt to!!) satisfy all your cookie needs.